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An International Medical School in a modern teaching hospital

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Humanitas Lectures

Humanitas has a regular programme of scientific seminars and lectures open to all staff and students. These Institute seminars are presented by members of the scientific staff or invited Italian and foreign scientists.
Making use of the contribution of doctors and researchers who have had an essential role in their respective sectors of competence – like the Nobel prize-winner Rolf Zinkernagel, Charles Dinarello, Thomas R. Scalea, Silvio Garattini, Marc Feldmann, Fabio Cominelli, Lodovico Balducci, Fran Balkwill, Napoleone Ferrara and Malkom K. Brenner - the Humanitas Lectures are a time for correction and reflection on the development and evolution of medicine and biomedical research at the service of the health of Man.
Since September 2005, more than fifty seminars by invited external speakers have been held, most (90%) by foreign scientists. The seminars are regularly in English. There are also informal laboratory meetings consisting of individual presentations of research results by PhD students or Post Docs. Laboratory meetings are not restricted to members of the laboratory but are open to those of other laboratories interested in a topic. These seminars are also in English.
Scientific courses on specific topics are organised on a regular basis in Humanitas or in collaboration with other scientific institutes.